More self-awareness

I have two friends who keep saying I should have used this time to write a book. I always responded I am too afraid to pile up another meaningless pseudo-business book that should be written in 50 pages inflated to the customary 350. I so much hate these, I could never accept of being seen like one of them.

For a while I thought a blog is a nice way to write a book, one page at a time, but now that this blog is approaching 1,000 posts (and I have thrown away the previous 4.5 years of blogging on the old platform – the Father of the Son of Geektalk, so to say) I realize it is not so.

In fact I have recently read a couple of business books that I suspect have been written this way and they show the same lack of coherence and sense of purpose like those books made up of a collection of articles penned by a journalist: they are compilations, not long-playings!

Instead I have taken this opportunity to redesign and update the big master presentation from which I pull the much shorter ones to be used in conferences; this is a massive undertaking, because I don’t like almost anything of what I did then, want to use different examples and analogies, not to mention a more modern look and the tiny detail of going HD – is there anything less cool than showing a godawful 4:3 aspect ration presentation in 2013? So, in essence, is a radical makeover of about 200 slides, with a quarter of these replaced by newer concepts altogether.

I have been working on this task for the last two/three days and I think I have a couple more to go. The end result will probably be never be seen in its entirety by many people, although I will use it in the upcoming series of full-day workshops in Moscow, but it is a useful exercise as it allows me to look at the various pieces and consider them as a whole made up of many parts, instead of a collection of random thoughts. In that sense, it is the thing more similar to a book I will ever author: during the Moscow things I will try to record my voice and then I will have all the elements of an ebook without the slightest clue of how to put it together.

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