Again on endorsements

I continue to believe LinkedIn endorsements are a good way to self assess how you are perceived by the people who know you; I have today taken another look at where I stand, and here is what I found:

2013 02 19 endorsement stats

Does anyone know of a publicly available estimate on the average # of skills people are giving endorsements for? I have put my finger in the air and said 4, but it may be on the high side – anyway this says that I am well below 10% of my connection who can be bothered endorsing me. OTOH, I have no idea of how many people I endorsed for any skill, so I have no idea if I am a net giver or receiver of endorsements.

Also, I have divided arbitrarily my skills in “Old” and “New” and although the New category is growing a little faster, I still see a pretty balanced skill set, still in line with my previous assessment last month.


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