Nerd moment

Taking apart two badly damaged MacBook Pros to cobble together a perfectly working one: mission accomplished!

2013-02-14 14.33.45
Completely taken apart

One of the machines had a bent and dented outer shell, a broken superdrive, noisy fans and (upon close inspection) a damaged heat sink; the other had a fried logic board – after the transplant I still have a spare screen, hard drive and 4GB of memory.

Two t2013-02-14 17.39.52hings you may not know: there are 39 different screws holding a MBP together – which is actually good as your best endeavours to remember which screw goes where are futile and the fact they have many different lengths and girths and heads is the only thing that saves you. Also, there’s plenty of good videoguides around (I used the excellent PowerBook series) but none of them tells you that an essential tool you will need when putting the machine back together is a magnifier light or an eagle eye.

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