How to make your company more human

An excellent writeup by Fast Company here:

While CMOs are (slowly) getting the message that Social Business may be another way to sell more widgets and therefore (slowly) incorporating it in the marketing mix, this is only half of an equation that cannot be split. Consumers will grant Brands permission to “intrude” their social life in exchange for the right to talk back to the Brand – it’s the Conversation, stupid!

Of course, “talking back” does not mean “talk back to the Customer Service department” – although this is a nice start. No, “talk back” means your company must behave like a human.

In the Fast Company article – perhaps by chance – a couple of CIOs are interviewed to tell their company’ story – I believe the iall-important message is that CIOs need to play a Leadership role in the implementation of the second part of the equation. And this needs to happen quickly: as soon as the CMO starts peddling our stuff, Consumers myust be allowed t engage in the Conversation with the Brand, except that in a lot of cases the ultimate representative of the Brand, the CEO, is a million light years away from this.

Hence the Leadership role of the CIO who must take charge in introducing both this need and its causal link to the outbound marketing activities, as well as the systems, support and policies that are essential for this not to turn into a potentially reputation-damaging adventure.

In other words <self-promo mode ON>it’s a typical Front Wheel exercise<self-promo mode OFF>


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