Another one messing up my file system

So Voda today gave me 50GB of cloud space. Very kind of them, it’s free, so this tells you something about the Data Centers they must be building somewhere – or maybe they are suing OPH (other people’s hardware) who knows.

The idea of a free, away 50GB drive is a nice one, except it’s adding to my already complex File System, which is possibly the only part of my personal IT that I have no full control over: the automatic uploads and replicas are creating loops of pictures bouncing back and forth – if I dare say, mainly with my iPad.

This is because Apple (and Google, to a lesser extent) are spellbound at the idea of fixing something that’s not broken – in their ideal world apps and their data are leibniz-ian monads, but that’s not the way it works, dumbkopfs! I want to know where are my data, where I backed them up to – your automatic crap never works the way it’s supposed to, and anyway I do not trust ANY of you, especially companies that are trying so hard to piss me off despite the money I keep throwing at them.

In that sense the Vodafone Cloud is so dumb that it’s inoffensive – nothing is automatic, nothing will happen in the background except a yet to be understood “phone back up” feature: if you save something to the Cloud (in itself an awkward operation given you have no File System access) that’s where you will find it.

I like the 50GB, but I know I won’t use this much – shame!


3 thoughts on “Another one messing up my file system

    • well, “free” as in “I have not paid a dime for this specific service” – in general you may be right, but after a lot of searching I feel my current Voda contract is the best in the market for me. Not exactly cheap but predictable and essentially flat. But I will be more sure after a couple of invoices :-D

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