Simple solutions

My son travels a lot by train and has retained an insane passion for videogames, so I gave him a PSVita for Xmas. Upon unboxing it and starting one of the free games, it crashed with error C12828-1; unlike his dad he’s a great tinkerer with all things “real” and “physical”: you can ask him to fix the garage door, but has zero patience with electronics.

So the PSVita comes back to me to see if I can get it to work.

Them boards opinate that C12828-1 error could be related to a database corruption when attempting to write a status to the memory card (which we don’t have, but why the hell do they sell the console WITHOUT it if it’s mandatory?) which in turn could be originated by a faulty network connection: when the PSV tries to synch with the PS Network, the faulty connection returns a bogus error message which then screws the database and crashes the whole system.

So, in this order (and multiple times):

  1. buy a memory card
  2. format: NO JOY
  3. hard reset the PSV
  4. uninstall game
  5. re-download it
  6. re-install: NO JOY
  7. restart it in Safe mode
  8. format the memory card
  9. restart in Safe mode
  10. rebuild the database
  11. restart in Safe mode
  12. reinstall the OS
  13. restart in Safe mode
  14. shut off and on: NO JOY
  15. disable the DHCP function and configure the PSV to a fixed IP address
  16. open my wireless router admin panel
  17. create a DMZ for the IP address of the PSV
  18. restart the wireless network
  19. repeat #7 to #14: NO JOY
  20. buy another game (Assassin’s Creed III)
  21. start from hard card
  22. repeat #7 to 14: NO JOY

At which point I run out of options, and I do what my wife suggested five minutes after my son reported the problem: return it to the store, get another one, works like a charm.

Women will rule the world!


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