Chien perdu

Our loved basset hound Vasco had to be put to sleep today: what was provisionally diagnosed as a malignant spleen tumor, upon surgical inspection turned out to be a vast stomach and intestinal cancer that had already invaded his whole lymphatic system; there was no hope for recovery or even containment – within hours, spleen failure would follow the already dysfunctional digestion and red cell count was precipitating to zero.

2011 08 18 Vasco smarrito

The reason for the post title is the fact that his perhaps most notable characteristic was the inclination to run away – I can’t count the many times he evaded our garden, both here and in St Raphael, sometimes for several days; despite the many escapades, he always either returned on his own, or was found and brought back; in the village where we live everybody knows him, and in France we had a nice collar embroidered with his name and our phone number, so that people could call us upon finding him. This is despite the fact that he obviously had a subcutaneous microchip which, as told in this post, only works in one country.

His desire to explore hit an all time peak when, during the renovation work of our house, we found him twice wandering on the roof, mildly amused at the fact that he could not find a way to get down.

So long, Vasco – go look for Cal wherever you are now. You still won’t be able to scare him, but the two of you might well go hunting together.

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