Perception catching up with reality

Today is an important day for me – today, for the first time ever, my LinkedIn profile shows more endorsements for “Social Media” than it does for “Public Relations” – it is important to stress that I leave endorsement absolutely unaided and spontaneous, i.e. do nothing to influence them in one direction or another.

It should be noted that although the single skill I am most endorsed for right now is Social Media, the total of votes for the skills broadly falling into a “traditional” bucket still outnumbers the “digital” one by a small margin (144 to 140) so we can well say that the jury is still out; moreover, while Linkedin does not provide stats on how many of my contacts endorsed me in total, I see most people (including myself) usually endorse for more than one skill; assuming an average of 3/4 endorsements per contact, my 300 votes represent not even 10% of my contacts, these being likely the ones that visit LinkedIn more often, and therefore the most exposed to my digital exploits.

Despite these biases, however, and despite the many more years in which I have practiced PR vs. Social Media, the latter has left a somewhat lasting impression on the people who know me, which is also very encouraging because it demonstrates that there is at least SOME connection between how I describe myself and how people perceive me.


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