My stocking is full…

This is a very relaxing weekend, the different velocity of everything once you’re out of the big meatgrinder of Corporate life is spreading to everything I do, including my private life.

So what will happen next year? As far as I am concerned I think I will be starting up a couple of interesting projects, which is more than what I had expected at this stage; also, my desire NOT to return in the agency world has been tested twice, and I must admit my refusal was met very graciously, so I am hoping there will be the opportunity to work with these organizations in my desired capacity.

I am also looking forward to the campaign for the parliamentary elections in february: it is shaping up as perhaps the most interesting italian election in a long time, with several change-inducing factors coming into play:

  • Center Left primaries confirmed a strong mandate to traditional leadership, but highlighted a robust desire for decent and human liberistic policies, represented (at least iconically) by the strong showing of mr. Renzi
  • the need to restart the economy is now agreed and shared among almost everybody. May the unthinkable (tax cuts) be about to happen?
  • mr. Monti rightly refuses to run; traditional politician will therefore run a traditional campaign, with the populist Grillo group to act as independents
  • mr. Berlusconi could not find a suitable successor and must therefore run himself; while still holding a fearsome mediatic power, he seems to be resorting to he same old bag of tricks, no new ideas

So here is my prediction:

  • mr. Bersani will ask italians to vote his party, promising to appoint mr. Monti as Premier candidate in case of victory
  • mr. Berlusconi will suffer a crushing defeat
  • the Five Star movement will be the second party
  • centrist coalition of Christian Democrats will be third party, making mr. Monti’s parliamentary support the strongest in postwar Italy
  • xenophobic Northern League will be all but deleted

This may represent the best opportunity Italy had to unravel the crusty power system that rled the country: unlike most analysts, I do not think the problem lies with MPs, but with appointed managers, so I am rooting for mass layoffs of all Upper level public servants with more than 25 years of service.

There you go, Santa, now you know what I want for Christmas. Make me happy.


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