Reverse zeitgest

Interesting post on overused adjectives in your profile on LinkedIn, even though I think the article misses the key point: look at which attributes are most over-used in which country: do you associate northern europeans with creativity or southern europeans with responsibility, or arabs with motivation?
Perhaps no and therefore we, probably inadvertently, try to fight cultural stereotypes by saying that unlike most of our contrymen, we “really” are that one thing you do not expect from us.
But this still pertains to the domain of “how I see myself”. What about “how others see me”?
LinkedIn is trying to address this with the excellent “Endorse for” feature: unlike full-blown recommendations, which require people to actually write a note about that one person, endorsements are quick and easy. Over time and over a large enough  number of votes, you will have a perhaps unexpected but unequivocal image of how the people you know see you.

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