Unifying my Social Graph – one painful baby step at the time!

Today I decided to do the unthinkable: merge my Social Graphs on LinkedIn and Facebook. Whether to be on any or all of those is obviously a personal decision, and there is no hard-and-fast rule that will apply to everybody.

Fact to the matter, I know my two Social Graphs are heavily disconnected (if nothing else because of numbers) but since I have curated my LinkedIn contacts very carefully, I know these people all really know me, so I resorted to a sort of mass mailing to ask them to also connect on FB.

By the way, the process is – in pure Facebook-esque approach – numbingly difficult: exporting a CSV from LinkedIn is simple (if you ignore the fact that selecting “all” on the contacts to export LinkedIn says it has selected 500, while in reality it has truly selected “all” your contacts), but finding this page to import them back into Facbook was a nightmare and I only found it through a depp link in another blog, which is why I am posting it here.

This is something I have said and written so many times: every time you (service provider of any kind) make me feel stupid, you are NOT adding to the experience. Every time I do not understand how to operate the hot water in the shower and every time I have trobe navigating the site, you are killing a handful of synapses on my brain, making me a little bit more stupid, and yourself a little bit less loved.

Your choice, after all, but I do not like feeling stupid. ’nuff said!

Obviously there will be some who will consider Facebook more fit for non-work related connections and that’s fine with me, they will simply ignore my request; for the numbers oriented: of my 1143 LinkedIn connections, there were 431 with whom I am not connected on Facebook.

Sadly Facebook does not allow me to personalize the message they get (why?) so I am hoping they may see this (unlikely) or simply do not ask themselves too many questions (likely); nor it tell me how many new friends I have added since…(why?), therefore I record here that I am starting from 587: in a few days will report back on the success of this mass mailing.

UPDATE: I also attempted the same merger with Twitter. This is slightly more complicated, as Twitter does not allow you to directly check a CSV list; the workaround is therefore to import the list as contacts of a dummy GMail account and then ask Twitter to check against this account’ Address Book. This time I found 231 Twitter users I was not following; another 750 users are not on Twitter at all (a surprising 66% of my LinkedIn contacts) but I did not have the nerve to ask them to join Twitter. Some of these may follow me back, (current follower count stands at 984) we’ll see.

UPDATE 8 nov: Facebook friend count now stands at 808, so it looks like 221 of the 431 friend request I sent went through in a little over 24 hours; on Twitter I am now following 860 people and my followers increased by 30 to  1014: the act of following someone does not bring as an immediate consequence the reciprocation.


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