13 years

Today I have accomplished a significant feat: the consolidation of my various Picasa accounts into one; the last 13 years of my life are now documented in 224 albums with 7,574 pictures; curiously, Google doesn’t provide much in terms of statistics, I had to manually add them all up; this represents an average of almost 600 pics a year.

Geo-tagging is incomplete, as a lot of these pictures have been taken with my various digital cameras rather than my phones, so EXIF data are spotty at best: browsing through the pictures I see a number of locations:

  • Basiglio
  • Lardirago
  • St Raphael
  • most of the US west coast, all the way to Alaska
  • selected US east coast cities
  • various places in France, UK, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Holland as destinations of my business trips

but also an amazing array of situations:

  • marriages
  • moves, both personal and business
  • houses we did buy, others we did not
  • pets, including my lovely big red cat Cal and our little dog Pina, who are no longer with us
  • kids growing, grownups getting (a little) older
  • business events and situations
  • ImageTime–>Brodeur–>Pleon–>KetchumPleon–>cc:catalfamo
  • New Years and Carnival celebrations
  • Christmas dinners
  • summer holidays
  • birthday parties

and there are also pics of some special people no longer with us (like my grandma and a couple of uncles) and some new people who arrived in the meanwhile (my daughter Aurora and my nieces Cecilia, Chiara and Livia). All of these pictures I regard as mine, as they are, but if I ever wanted to move them over to, say, Flickr it would not be that easy.

But this is part of my Digital Self rant, check it out.


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