Guest post (Sohaib Siddique): 5 Travel Apps for Your Business Trips

The past few years has seen a dramatic increase in the use of smartphones. It’s next to impossible for a business man to organise himself without one. Smartphones do everything from helping us organise day-to-day activities to giving last-minute flight details. The dependence on these devices has resulted in a flurry of business apps created for different purposes. Here are my top five.


Nothing tops the frustration of flight delays, weather difficulties, and gate changes. FlightTrack will help you manage all of this information in one app. Covering over 1,400 airlines and 3,000 airports, the app will give you real-time updates on everything related to your flight. No matter where you are, FlightTrack will have your back and your trip covered!

Packing Pro

Scratch what I said before. Forgetting your USB with a presentation beats the flight delays and changes. It’s the worst feeling when you realise you’ve forgotten important documents and files. Packing Pro helps you created and edit packing lists while discovering new ideas. This is perfect for a job that has you travelling week in week out to help you avoid mix-ups. It also suggests new ideas and gives you customised lists. Input your trip details such as the weather, length of stay, and number of people and the app will generate a list perfect for you.


It’s only human to lose booking references. No one can memorise endless digits of numbers, anyway. TripIt helps you with this by organising all your reference numbers into one place. Whether it’s hotel bookings, flight conformations, or car hires, this app has you covered. It also syncs your smartphone’s calendar with the data to notify you of important dates. You’ll find yourself carrying less paper, too.


We all have to eat and drink—it can’t be business all day every day, can it? Picksie will help you find a nearby spot to grab a bite to eat. Post-meeting lattes are a great way to unwind and release some stress. The app will look up your current location and date and find something suited to you. It looks at your search history and finds places that will satisfy your taste buds. Is it raining outside? Don’t worry, Picksie won’t recommend any outdoor activities. A smart app for a smartphone.


You’re not going to be speaking a foreign language in hours, but TripLingo will help you get by. The app gives you common phrases and words that will do the job. You can select from an endless list of languages and choose whether you want to make it formal or informal. Tailor it to your needs, whether you want to be funny, enjoy a night out, or have a gluten allergy.

———————————————————————————————- Guest poster bio

Sohaib spends much of his time travelling and writing for HotelClub, a website that has deals for London hotels and more. When he isn’t on a business trip, you’ll find him fulfilling his crave of adventure around Europe.


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