International progress

This blog is continuing in its journey to get visitors from every country on the planet. Here is current status as of last night; remember WordPress started to collect geographical info on visitors only from february this year.

A continent scorecard:

  • I have completed my conquest of Europe, except for Belarus, Albania and Moldova whose people stubborly refuse to be interested in anything I say; being Europe my home continent, I find this particularly frustrating; also the map is not detailed enough to tell me whether I get visitors from Liechtenstein, the Monaco Principate, San Marino, the Vatican or Andorra
  • The Americas are almost done, but still missing Guyana, French Guyana, Nicaragua, Cuba and Uruguay.
  • Great strides in my presence in the Middle East and arab peninsula, with recent visits from Syria, Yemen and Iraq; still missing Iran and most of Central Asia  (only exception being Kazakhstan because of my recent visit)
  • In the Far East I am missing the 64,000 pound gorilla of China and North Korea, as well as Myanmar (not quite sure if it’s considered Far East or Indian sub-continent)
  • Oceania is all in except Papua / New Guinea (plus perhaps some archipelago states which I cannot see on the map)
  • The big white space is Africa: I get a few visitors from Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and South Africa, but the bulk of the black continent still eludes me

True, in a lot of the missing countries either people do not have access to the Internet or it is heavily censored, so until these restrictions are lifted I have no hope, as probably WordPress is a banned asset, still the mission is far from accomplished…


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