IPhone 5 – an ISOC viewpoint

Here at last.

Of course, I won’t buy it, and I just realized there are multiple reasons.

  1. although I am dazzled as the next guy by the 3D maps, they are a living room show-off toy; when I really need directions I need them fast, clear and reliable. Google wins hands down, the decision of booting them off is suicidal, very “old IBM” or “old Microsoft”-like;
  2. the battery life of the iPhone 5 sucks just like every other smartphone’s  (BTW, THAT would be the only thing to make me reconsider, ever!) but with an iPhone I cannot carry a spare;
  3. I do not want to be completely assimilated in the RDF beamed by Apple. I need to be as conversant with Android as I am with iOS/OS X
  4. my pre-owned Samsung Galaxy SII = EUR 199; iPhone 5 = EUR 729 (all the way up to 949 !!)

Point #4 is also my answer to all the people carping about how outrageously expensive the iPhone 5 is: you DON’T HAVE to buy it, did you know that?


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