New life

Biggest challenge of my new life so far? Creating new processes.

For the past 20 years my “processes” revolved around using the company resources more efficiently; now these company resources are simply a slot of my time.

Organizing travel has become not necessarily a longer endeavor: as it was never such an efficient process to start with. Barbara could well find out flight alternatives but always needed my approval to avoid any last minute changes I did not communicate to her. Expedia is proving a good all-in-one resource (but why not an iPad app for european users??) and it integrates well with my calendar generating entries for flights with one click.

Archiving documents for subsequent retrieval will probably require a couple of iterations before it works smoothly. For example I never had to worry what to conserve in hard copy, I printed nothing, relying on the organization to print what had to be printed. This may have to change.

Managing tech will definitely be simpler, as I can now follow my own guidance and am not saddled with compliance with weird requirements that do nothing for me.

I will need to dedicate a few hours a week to admin tasks, but will not feel guilty for not doing my timesheets (unless it turns out I have to understand which clients are more profitable, but I hoe this is not needed simply because the number of my clients will be really small).


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