Dear all,

first of all, apologies for the mass mailing and the public posts – truly a distasteful way to communicate, but when I set out to decide who I wanted to notify, it turned out to be a humongous list of several hundred people, so this was the most efficient way to relay the news; at the same time, apologies to the many others I have forgotten simply because my address book is not as up-to-date as it should.

After – God, it scares me when I think about it – yes, after about 18 years it has come for me the time to part ways with the company that was Image Time, then Brodeur Image Time, then Pleon, then Ketchum Pleon.

In those 18 years there have been many things I loved, many moments of joy, many smart people I met and have learned from. Of course, there were also a couple of moments I’d rather forget, but hey, it’s life! Someone may say I gotta be crazy to start it all over again at 56, but I have a huge head start, i.e. all of you, the people with whom I have worked at various stages of my career: some of you have known me for even longer than those 18 years, some others I just met, but most – I hope – think positively of my capabilities and skills.

I will continue to work on some current Ketchum client engagements, but in general my professional activity will take a more strategic consulting turn, I will increase my public speaking schedule and pursue some of the things I have left behind for lack of time. In short, being the lazy sod I am, I will not do anything I don’t absolutely love. So I welcome your inquiries, but you are warned !

This is big change for me, and of course one that reflects a lot of thinking which cannot be captured in an email – feel free to reach out to have a broadband discussion (i.e. a chat in front of a beer)

And yes, it’s my birthday!

9 thoughts on “Unemployed!

  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Gianni! You’ve always been an inspiration to those working with you, not to mention a source of solid advice. Best of luck with your new consulting plans! We’ll be waiting for updates!

  2. My super dear Gianni, I refuse to say I will miss you. Just because I know – I don’t just hope – we will stay in contact. You’ve always been an amazing source of inspiration to me and I know you will do the same…
    And… tra la la la la, happy birthday!
    All my positive vibes to you to bring you the most amazing projects to make me jealous! :)
    Hug, Andrada

  3. A belated Happy Birthday my friend and congratulations to the new era, with cc:catalfamo. As expected your new appearance as an independant force in the consulting market looks terrific, very creative and cool as well as substantial on the thoughts anbd ideas side. Looking forward to work wioth you soon! Ralf

  4. Gianni, you will remain one of the most inspirational people I’ve worked with in my time with Pleon and KP. Happy birthday and hope to see you soon. Girish

  5. Dearest Gianni!!! Very belated happy birthday and wishing you every success in your next steps…

    What an exiting journey this will be, full of new and amazing experiences… And – as they say in the US of A, you will be AWESOME at it :))))

    Hope you come to NY soon…

    All my very very best!


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