Looking forward to take part in the EuroViral Festival in Burgas (BG) for which Valentina asked what are my personal all time viral video favorites. Since my list is a bit longer longer than the required 10, I had to play judge and here is my verdict.

My evaluation criterion keeps into account the number of view, but more in general it includes those videos I would have loved to be involved with.

#10 – Where the Hell is Matt? (2005)

You can read a complete account of how this video was shot on the Matt Harding entry in Wikipedia, as well as the hoax and the hoax on the hoax which followed. Totally lost track of the countless imitators.

#9 – Christmas lights gone wild (2005)

Perhaps the best part is that the author of the video does not own the house and the explanations he had to give about this not being the result of clever CG, but rather painfully programming the 25,000 lights of this show.

#8 – Jill and Kevin wedding dance (2009)

This is some sweet friends these two kids have…

#7 – Extreme sheep art (2009)

Go look for the “Making of…” video, also fun to watch. I actually met one of the authors of this video, and he assured me no sheep were harmed to make this movie.

#6 – Banned Xbox commercial (2005 or 2006)

Don’t know about you, but that seems like a lost opportunity for Microsoft, even though it got many millions of views without paying a cent for airtime…

#5 – Evolution of Dance (2006)

A great classic.

#4 – Riccardo Patrese drives his wife crazy (2008)

How many videos have you seen of reckless driving popping open some hottie blouse? This is much better even though it features no boobs. If you’d like to understands the insults she’s yelling, you can watch the version with english subtitles. His smirk throughout the ride is just awesome, because he knows he’s pulling the video prank on her (awesome lady, BTW!)

#3 – Jenny quits her job (2010)

There has been quite a ruckus over the fact this is not “really” someone quitting her job, but I am not sure I get what the problem is. Sure I won’t forget what HPOA means…

#2 – Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic scale (2009)

I am not sure people would completely agree with my ranking, but even if you are not particularly crazy about Bobby McFerrin, I think the way he plays the audience is nothing short of awesome.

#1 – AYBABTU (1991)

Could I ever not include this very old meme? This one started out of the terrible translation into english of an early japanese SEGA game to then turn into all sorts of improbable sightings (including this one)


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