This excellent short movie (8 minutes, but it will make you wish it was longer) is not only exceptionally well done by a couple of very talented kids, but also hits a bullseye as far as the role of aiding tech goes.

In fact the authors ask themselves a simple question: what if AR didn’t need any device or a device so tiny you can’t see it?

Both Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick, among many other writers, dealt with the issue of how you can tell a human from a non-human, when the latter is made out to resemble the former in almost every aspect. And both cam out with the answer that we would develop a keen sense for the tiny little details like forms or nuances of speech, or small behavioural differences, to the point we’d made a profession of spotting these.

But is an “augmented man” the same as a cyborg? In other words is adding human features to a mechanical device the same as adding machanical features to a human? Of course not, but then again, where you draw the line is a subject for speculation.

Quite rightly when the female character spots the dating assistant she reacts badly, so we should imagine the use of these cyber-protheses should be declared upfront. However, put yourself in the male character, who’s presumably socially inept: just like a physically-impaired individual, he would welcome some help to overcome his weakness, but he wouldn’t perhaps welcome the obligation to be forthcoming about it.

Oscar Pistorius running

Not everyone is Oscar Pistorius and we do forgive those who do not make it so public they’re using some form of prosthetic help but when you listen to some of their statement it’s plainly evident that they consider themselves in the same league as those who do not need this help.

Reality would therefore be far more complex, even without the sinister closing twist which makes this short movie so good.

Certainly a much better, if nothing else because it’s closer to relity, than say Mission Impossible or Minority Report.

When does the full feature come out ???


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