The horror! The horror!

This is a true story. Names have been pixelated for obvious reasons.

X is a big Client. A forum participant writes a negative post about X which attracts a good number of comments.

The post is somewhat unfair, but connects with a vulgata about Client X which a lot of people may feel truthful. Agency advises Client NOT to be ham-fisted about this and suggests identifying other bloggers which may have another view to open a discussion where both sides are given air time.

Client finally accepts this view, calls off the hitmen and contacts forum admin. Upon hearing Client’s name, admin shakes in his boots and without telling anybody, quickly edits out all Client X references from the published article. With the unfortunate side effect that now tens of comments make no sense at all.

I can imagine bloggers having a field day with this, comparing the original version with the edited one and making assumptions as to the reasons of these edits. Who is EVER going to believe that forum admin did not act upon pressure from Client X? Who is EVER going to believe that we did not crack the whip, but simply, genuinely wanted an open and honest discussion?

I mean, for Heaven’s sake, we always complain about clients not getting SoMe, but do SoMe get themselves?


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