Discounting Sammy

So Apple is approaching a new iPad blowout quarter, with a tell-it-all 64.8% marketshare.

I have been thinking lately (as the ridiculous wait for the purchase of my iPad3 through our corporate systems extends) whether I would consider another product. To be honest, while I do see a use for my Kindle (reading books, that is) and I still occasionally prefer it over the iPad on ground of super legibility, physical lightness and battery life, none if the tablets I have ssen betters the iPad sweet spot when it comes to physical characteristics and software choice.

Marcello totes a 7-inch Android slate, but the small screen feels cramped and a compromise in exchange for a portability that’s only marginally better. I have played with 16:9 form factors, but bar watching movies (which I do not do on the iPad and will do even less going forward) the 4:3 footprint is better for everything else.

And, with the exception of the Amazon Fire (which seems to me a my Kindle plus something, probably in exchange for poorer battery life) there is not the kind of price differential that would get me to really consider something else.

Not necessarily the same situation in phones: never an iPhone user, I would not mind an Android device that I could actually use as a phone plus a decent screen and essential on the move apps. But Jesus please tell me: why don’t you simply fry the brains of whoever designs the butt-ugly Sammy phones and replace it with someone with at least half a taste?

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S2

The Galaxy SIII is just out and… it looks every inch as nerdy as the SII, give me a frickin’ break !

I cannot believe nobody can design a phone that looks better than that; hell even Nokia has one (and they they ruin it by dumping on it a 1% marketshare OS, but that’s something else!)

What happened to the inventiveness of the Motorola StarTac or Razr?

Does this means that Samsung can be ignored? Not so fast, there is a the little detail that I find amusing: the bigger the success of Apple, the bigger the success of Samsung which supplies a lot of the parts for the iPhone and the iPad. Of course, until the koreans have a real winner, they would not dream of killing the goose who lays the golden eggs, but things may change and if there is one thing Apple does not control is manufacturing.

So Sammy will keep trying (they’re in no hurry as they swipe a commission off Apple’ sales) until eventually they will get their software act together – unlike Google which is trying very hard to become the next Microsoft – and eventually they will fork a few wons to hire a decent designer.

Then competition will start, finally.


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