Back to Istanbul!

It’s great to be back here, unfortunately only as a stop over: this time IST is truly my door to Asia, on my way to Almaty, Kazakhstan, where I will speak at the PR Summit – sure looking forward to that.

But the vagaries of flights and schedule changes mean I get to spend a few hours and a night here in magic Istanbul

The view from my hotel room says “Eastward, ho!” and I do take the time for a stroll in the busy streets to buy some delicious baklava for the whole family. My conversation with the store owner goes well, but unfortunately cannot venture in the minefield of having some more of this stuff shipped over to Italy when I will run out of the stash I am buying. Unfortunately no pomegranate juice vendors in the streets – perhaps it’s off season.

I know Mine and a few other friends are watching my tweets: next time this needs to be organized better, but for once I am not guilty of poor planning, but rather a victim of it.

The sense of pride I feel in being able to find my way to the sweets store is ridiculous, as it’s only a few blocks from my hotel, but with age, I am finding these small rewards very savoury.


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