Brother mine, italian hero !

My brother owns a small company, Tecnoserranda, manufacturing doors and fittings.

He is a hard worker and a good salesman; more than anything, he does not give up easily, so to fight against the crisis devastating this country, he started to look outside of Italy to grow his business. He did it the hard & dirty way (the only one he knows) packing his bags and spending lots of time in North Africa and the Middle East, looking for new clients and learning to deal with cultural differences and diverse business worlds.

As I said, Paolo is a good salesman, and in very little time he achieved about 30% of his revenue from abroad; unfortunately at the same time, his banks cut his credit lines by 80%, pushing him into delaying payment on his taxes, for which our esteemed government charges interest rates close to 25% annually.

Speaking of which, he started paying attention to the interest rates charged by banks on his surviving credit lines and found out they approached 17%, well above the usury level.

Did I mention he does not like to give up? How likely it is that the archetypal small guy prevails over a major bank in court?

Well, unlikely as it may sound, he initiated a lawsuit and today – less than a year after initiating it – he called me announcing that this big, big, big Bank caved in and reimbursed him 50% of the interest charged.

Well done Paolo, an example for all of us !


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