Five SoMe cheap tricks you should avoid…

…in building your profile.

After years of denial, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction: now everybody needs, wants must have a great SoMe profile; now sporting a LinkedIn address on your biz card is not nerdish anymore, nor is iPadding at a meeting or tweeting during someone else’s presentation. SoMe are definitely here to stay.

As with many other frontier memes turned mainstream, however, this is attracting Joe N00b; in his frantic quest for SoMe creds, Joe is following countless “just add water” profile-building shortcuts, making a perfect nuisance of himself. Here is how to spot (and avoid) him.

  1. the only posts you see from him are the ones where he says: “Hi, just posted this article on my blog”
  2. his following count grows in hundreds per day
  3. shamelessly comment trolls and linkbaits hundreds of threads
  4. his bio is either 2 lines or 20 pages long
  5. never hear him tweeting or posting about anything personal

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