I knew it!

I knew that had I waited long enough, I’d find a phone worth of replacing my aging Nokia N95 who’s more or less in tatters now. And, not surprisingly, the manufacturer is the same – Nokia – with the new N808 which sports a massive 41 MP camera sensor – that’s right, this is like 5x the best cameraphones out there and – as far as the sensor goes – on a par with prosumer cameras.

Two surprises: the phone costs about EUR 450: not super cheap, but there are much more expensive smartphones on the market.

Secondly, it does not run Meego, nor Windows Phone, but Symbian Belle. Go figure, but for me it’s a good thing as it will feel more familiar than any other mobile OS – let’s hope there are decent apps for the basic on-the-go Social Media needs.

True, it’s not 4G, but honestly 4G coverage is going to be only spotty for years to come, and I’m not that hungry for viewing streaming movies on my phone, so I feel no urge to have more broadband on my phone.

However, if you want a really thorough round-up of why I like this phone, head over to Tomi Ahonen’s blog.


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