Cool things Pinterest could (but doesn’t) do

Lazy as I am, from time time to time I get to do some real work – this weekend it was about grokking Pinterest. For one who holds the kind of job title I do, I confess I find often myself on the side of skeptics: does the world REALLY need another Social Network?

For me the answer is almost always “no”, but this is not to say there’s not ample territory in the Social Web which is not covered at all, or functionalities that could and should be improved.

Pinterest got a lot of coverage, and my good friend Girish stuck his neck out as to how it could be used by brands in this synthetic but clear blog post. A couple of days building my first two boards highlighted a few things I just wish were there but are not:

  1. Board discussions vs. Pin discussions – in the case of the “Movies I’d watch again” board, what I thought would become a collection of movies where my friends and I could discuss whether a movie is good or bad is rather becomeing a discussion on movie quotes, with some general points that apply to all quotes – I therefore wish there was a way to discuss a board in its entirety
  2. Give back – Pinterest accumulates a LOT of information on what I like, why can’t some of this information be distilled to propose other content that should suit my tastes? Amazon does it in its suggestions, so it must be possible
  3. Move to a different board – that and several multiple pin commands would make my life A LOT easier – now that I have over 50 movies in my board, maybe I’d like to spawn a “Road Movies” sub-board, but right now I must do it by hand one at a time.
  4. Thematic follows – Pinterest rapidly clogs your inbox with hundreds of messages, a real nuisance prompting immediate inbox filtering; however, if I have a Movies board, it would be good to stream the movie-related activity in that board (and not my inbox)

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