Achieving Relevance

I find myself involved in two exciting panels this month: the first one is happening at the World Communications Forum in Davos (Switzerland) and the second during Social Media Week in London.

Some useful links:

In both events I will try to focus on a single key message: the only way we’ll succeed in the brave new world of two way communications is by being relevant: relevant to the audience and relevant to the business (in house or agency, doesn’t matter).

Relevance is the currency we must spend to engage our audiences, and relevance is what will allow us to convert this angagement to sales so the whole point is how you can achieve it each and every time: while creativity still plays a very important role, it no longer defines the basis of the interaction, as in most cases such frame of reference is agreed among users without much contribution by brands.

Understanding (and accepting) this irreversible change of stewardship is perhaps the biggest challenge for brands, and the relentless quest for relevance offers them their best chance to stay in the picture.

Think about it. Is there a worse fate than being irrelevant?


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