Italian innovation

A wannabe Google competitor (sort of) launched today. It’s called Volunia (if you think it sounds weird, it’s because it does) and if you missed the press conference, well, you just saved an hour of your life. Held entirely in italian, it showed very little of the product, leaving attendees dumbfounded as to how on Earth this tiny little startup will compete with Big G.

However, founder Massimo Marchiori – who self-defines himself “Future Accelerator” – has some creds in the search field, so while his presentation skills date back from the age of plotter-printed overhead foils, his technology may not; we’ll see.

From a PR professional standpoint, however, he just made the biggest error you can make: a lot of noise without any meat. What’s in store better be EXCEPTIONALLY good if he wants people to take a second chance with him.

Just sayin’


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