Coming here

Still an overwhelming majority of visitors to this blog are driven here by search engines, and I have noticed the appearance of Bing-driven visitors, alongside the many flavors of Googlejuice.

Perhaps more interesting is to look at the relative importance of the three main social networks in driving traffic; my networks on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are roughly of the same size (800, 500 and 1000 respectively) and grow roughly at the same clip; over time though Twitter-driven traffic has decreased in importance while LinkedIn (and Facebook) both grew, to the point LI in the last 30 days was my main SN traffic driver.


This may indicate that behavioural engagements triggered on Twitter are increasingly confined to itself, people want to “stay in the flow”, while status update -like sharing is most appealing to those who are seeking interesting stuff by checking out what their friends are up to.


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