A new art form: twoosh

What’s a twoosh? According to the Urban Dictionary, it’s a perfect, 140 char tweet.

Roberto, a friend who’s very active on Twitter, asked what I thought the rules would be to qualify for a Twoosh and, unlike the pretty lax rules set forth by Lance Ulanoff on PC Magazine a couple of years ago, I think we should stick to fewer, stricter rules for Twooshes to qualify as artistic expressions.

Here is my proposal:

  1. Complex concepts and long, unusual words welcome and earn bonuses
  2. No tricks – no abbreviations, no word/number replacements and the like. URL shorteners are allowed, though.
  3. Correct, full punctuation. This includes single blanks after full stops, commas, semicolons etc.; dashes should have single blanks before AND after.
  4. Slang and other grammatically incorrect expressions allowed AS LONG as they fit in the general style of the text.

I responded to Roberto that I consider the Twoosh a modern version of the Koan or of the Limerick – remember those?

Baffles me that no-one has (yet) thought of a Twoosh competition, would it not be a neat idea for a SXSW event?


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