The perfect briefcase

The second post in a two-post miniseries about one of my eternal loves: travel gear. After having suffered through years of inferior bags, a few months ago I finally managed to achieve near-perfection with the roller made by Thule I covered in this post.

This left my travel needs uncovered at the low end: while the Thule bag approaches perfection for day trips, it does not cover my daily commuting needs or when I stay somewhere for more than one day and therefore leave it at the hotel – despite my fondness for traveling light, my standard carry on inventory includes:

  • MacBook Air
  • iPad / Kindle (one or the other)
  • power brick + cable
  • mouse
  • Thunderbolt to VGA adaptor
  • clicker
  • pens + notepad (paper, yes, paper !)
  • document folders
  • phone charger
  • USB cables
  • thumbdrive(s)

This is way too much for one of those sleek folios, but a regular case would not fit in the little space I have in the roller; this dualism made me review and discard so many briefcases I can’t even remember but yesterday I spotted this gem from Piquadro (not sure the direct link works, in case it doesn’t, search for product code CA2172W17).

Definitely a high-end product, made of great quality leather and VERY light notwithstanding; it features a padded compartment just right for my MBA (not sure thicker laptops would fit, though) a rear pocket for iPad or Kindle which you can access without unzipping the main one and snaps close with a neodymium magnetic fastener, a front zippered roomy pocket where I can toss the power brick, pendrives, cables and chargers; inside you find a detachable key ring, more zippered or fastened pockets, pen loops, and there’s still room for documents, jotter pad etc.

It’s carried messenger-style with an adjustable strap featuring the trademark solid metal Piquadro clasps.

If I really must find a defect, I would not have minded retractable handles when you don’t want to use the strap, but I know I am being picky here.

Comes in black, burgundy or blue, which is the color I chose AND, being this after Christmas, also got a reasonable deal @90 quid off the rather steep EUR270 list price. A must have.

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