The splintering Facebook “audience”

iCrossing has calculated that active Facebook users could surpass 1 billion before the fall:

Not surprising given only about 3% of India is on FB, but my question is what this does to the very concept of a Facebook “audience”; one billion people is A LOT of people and FB membership may soon become a proxy for “access to a computer”, but not much more.

Audiences of this size do splinter in a myriad subgroups who exhibit similar characteristics and therefore we must begin to look at measurable dimensions that allow us to slce and dice the nine zeros into more manageable chunks where we can find a common trait to pit our relevance offering against.

Marketeers (and their Brands) are more than ever faced with the Challenge of Relevance, and the ubiquity of Facebook membership has made matter worse because it’s compounded with the fact it is much more difficult to find relevant stuff on FB than it is on the Internets – in fact, FB would like us to stick to the simple “it’s in your stream” heuristics, but I do not think users will play ball for long, also given the fact some of us weren’t particularly selective when it came to FB friends and the resulting stream’ quality has (ample) room for improvement.


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