Dumb and dumber

This list is the 25 passwords most commonly guessed by hackers according to  the Internet Crime Complaint Center who describes also some of your favorite frauds or scams. Did you know the Nigerian letter was dubbed “419” ?

In reading this page one gets the impression scammers don’t really need to be that smart because we are so damn stupid.

Anyway, just check this list, and if yours is on it, for the love of God, go change it !

  1. password (o, rly ?)
  2. 123456
  3. 12345678 (extended version)
  4. qwerty (for the literate ones)
  5. abc123 (best of both worlds)
  6. monkey
  7. 1234567 (wassup, people don’t like odd numbered passwords?)
  8. letmein (sure, you and everybody else)
  9. trustno1 (prophetic)
  10. dragon
  11. baseball
  12. 111111 (ultimate lazy)
  13. iloveyou (don’t we all?)
  14. master
  15. sunshine
  16. ashley
  17. bailey
  18. passw0rd (with a zero, for the n00bs)
  19. shadow
  20. 123123
  21. 654321
  22. superman
  23. qazwsx (the creative version of #4)
  24. michael
  25. football

I wish a psychologist would tell us a little bit about #6, #15 while the rest seems to indicate a higher proportion of the world’s dumbest are called Michael, Ashley or Bailey, like baseball and / or football and are into 60’s comic books.


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