The world’s top brands Social Value

I guess it was bound to happen – people keep wondering whether Social Media engagement does really any good to your brand so it was just a matter of time before someone figured out a way to measure and compare.

The below infographic is the result of the work of Sociagility and shows a number of interesting pieces of information. Obviously what the world needs is standards, so this would be even more valuable if it were universally accepted, but a good start nonetheless. The only bit I disagree slightly is where (look at the midriff section of the IG) they say there is a positive correlation between brand value and social media value: quite frankly I do not see this “obvious” correlation looking at the chart, but maybe it needs more perusing…


3 thoughts on “The world’s top brands Social Value

  1. Thanks for the comments. If you can get it universally accepted as a standard, we’d be eternally grateful! ;-)

    On the correlation point, take a look at where you’ll see the maths (or math) behind that element of the infographic. In short, there is a statistically significant positive correlation that suggests there is less than a 2% that the relationship between brand value and our measure of social media performance is happening by chance.

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