Humans are a fickle bunch. One day they absolutely love you, the next they dump you.

I wonder if Apple may have not been overdoing its “we don’t need to listen to anyone, we create markets” act. As you probably know, Apple and Samsung are mangling each other in court alleging essentially that each stole some IP belonging to the other. Nobody can understand the intriciacies of the lwsuits, so when you pick sides, it’s certainly based more on gut feel than your brain analyzing the data.

Few people could doubt the strength of the bond existing between Apple loyalists and the brand and truly no-one of us can really express any affection for a brand like Samsung, which has done absolutely zippo to  be loved except churning out a bunch of good products and – perhaps – giving Apple a run for its money; all in all, I’d have bet Apple would win hands down.

Not so: this article describes a new volley of “poking fun at Apple” campaign recently waged by Samsung, stealing a page from the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” wildly successful campaign we all remember.

The interesting part is in the comments: the original piece ran in the Huffington Post, where the comments were more or less evenly divided, with perhaps a slightly prevalence of Apple fans; but on (a techie website) which cross-posted from HP, it’s an almost unanimous pro-Samsung vote.

Is Apple losing traction with its core advanced tech audience?


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