Public spate

Do my anglophone friends say “Always wash your dirty laundry in private” or is it just a translation of the italian proverb?

Anyway, the meaning is clear: some discussions are best had in private quarters so that when a final compromise is reached, all parties can “save face”. this is perhaps something that is changing, too in the many facets of our social relationships that are being impacted by Social Media.

Here is a case in point.

Recording labels ard their artists sometimes enjoy a tempestuous relationship, but in most cases we, the public, only get to hear about that when the relationship breaks and one of the parties (usuallly the artist) is willing to go public on what happened.

This may be changing. Musician Elvis Costello’ disagreement over his label’ (Island Records) pricing policy on his upcoming dec. 6th release of a Christmas box set is making the rounds afyer the artist’ bold post titled “Steal this Record”. Could this be an elaborate PR stunt to make the news?

Possibly, but it will be interesting to watch what reaction – if any – Costello’s post elicit from his label.


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