What’s after WordPress?

I have been dabbling with the Digital Self concept, complaining about  shortcomings of current solutions, one being the fact I do not seem to own ANY of it.

While I have been very happy since I moved to WordPress, it too does not escape this predicament. Where is my content? What happens if I want to take it elsewhere?

Speaking of features, anybody who used WordPress’ lame-ass iPad app will know why I do not like it AT ALL.

One possible solution is the Dropbox-powered Calepin blogging platform who picks up your posts from your Dropbox account and renders them according to a very simple marup language, for example Markdown; not that any serious blogger would ever contemplate  writing posts in Word, but you never know.

This way your stuff stays yours, it’s fully synced on any device that accesses your Dropbox account; I haven’t spent enough time on Calepin to figure out which management tools it provides, but it’s an interesting idea.


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