Know me, know you

One of the comments I always make when showing the “Bring the Love Back” movie by Microsoft is the subtle difference about “You don’t know me” she complains and the “Darling, I know everything ABOUT you” he retorts. A huge difference in a small word.

A little bit like the difference between seeing the data and understanding their meaning.

One of the chores I perform in the couple of hours before the working day starts is the cleaning up of my Social Networks feeds; this AM I took time to see how well LinkedIn knows me by reading the “Jobs you may be interested into” newsletter. The short answer is “not much”.

For example, why should I be interested in the job of HR Manager for EasyJet in Italy? Or the job of Regional Manager, North for Burberry ? I have no experience whatsoever either in HR or in fashion, and my experience of the airline business is limited to my status of multiple airlines frequent flyer.

I suspect the selection is rather crudely made on job location being roughly coincident with my current location – no industry filter, no experience filter; even seniority is unaccounted for, making that little newsletter utterly useless for me as a result, and perhaps damaging LinkedIn’ overall reputation as a job seeker / recruiter premier tool, as it decreases my confidence in its ability to zero in on the right candidate or to pop up the right opportunity.

So why do they do this? Is it because they reserve a finer insight to their Pro users ? Don’t think so, we have a company Pro account and it does not seem to unlock any advanced features in that respect.

I rather suspect the reason is because LinkedIn is not conceived to be the “finder” of opportunities or candidates, but rather the service database on which the finder (a human) will do his/her job; in other words, if I render headhunters or corporate recruiters useless, I shoot my primary business target through the heart and therefore damage my primary revenue opportunity.

Who knows, maybe someone is working on some intelligent discovery layer to reveal hidden matches…


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