Want to save a ton of money when buying AdWords?

In my talks I make a passing mention of the fact that a quality online asset also lowers your advertising cost, and I use as proof a case from one of our clients. While impressive, I realized I never explained HOW this really works, which is hard to do if you don’t understand how Google manages ad auctions and how it determines the actual CPC (cost er click) you pay.

The below infographic by WordStream does a nice job at explaining it, so take a couple of minutes to peruse it.

To sum up, Insight helps your CPC three times:

  1. it increases the Relevance of your content, therefore your Quality score , and therefore your AdRank
  2. the bigger the gap between you and the next buyer, the less you pay for clicks
  3. the better Insight you have, the more you can buy peripheral keywords that are connected to your main one

Quality pays. Always.


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