Eating other people’ lunches

If there is something Apple has proven adept to is EOPL.

It ate Sony Walkman’ lunch with the iPod.

It ate Nokia’ and Motorola’ smartphone lunch with the iPhone.

It is eating every PC manufacturer’ lunch by gobbling up 35% of profits with only 7% unit share.

Today I spotted this little piece of old news: since june this year, the iPhone 4 is the most popular camera on Flickr; and, according to Flickr themselves, cameraphones are undercounted and pictures taken with popular apps such as Instagram may not be correctly attributed, making the statistic perhaps conservative.
What does this chart tell you? Whose curve is steadily growing while others are flat or declining? Riight! It seems to me that the writing is on the wall: the next category whose lunch is at risk is the Nikon and Canon of this world, by failing to provide in their cameras a simple accessory which consumers desire so much, an option to connect to the  Internet and share mugshots.

Last year at CES it sounded like everybody was coming out with connected cameras, but the connection outfits were clumsy and mostly WiFi, making them useless for outdoor use. 12 months later, a huge site like still does NOT feature connectivity as a camera selection criteria, not even for the hot new segment of compact interchangeable lens cameras, leading me to believe it’s another case of drinking your own kool-aid and pretending to yourself that pixel count and image sharpness are the only features that matter.

People at Nikon and Canon, get fat while you can…


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