Caffeine, anyone?

Yeah, what could be wrong with that?

Keeping up a never stated twice-a-year refresh cycle, the Google Caffeine update rolled out last week, a little over eight months after Panda. Full details on the Google’s own blog post, so no need to repeat them here.

Now we’re not full-time SEO experts, but given the importance of good placement on a SERP for any Digital & SoMe project and the tight connection between good placement and a sound content strategy, we have learned to pay attention to these announcements.

Here is my two cents “In Plain English” insight after poring over the document and a few blog posts of more expert webmasters.

  1. Freshness of content is now contextualized – football scores need to be more recent than book reviews
  2. Google is attempting to distinguish between “here and now” content and “timeless”, giving the former class a higher ranking

Obviously this is another step to ensure and maintain relevance of search results and I think that the dent made in search by “fresher” stuff like Twitter may be a reason for this particular evolution.

From our standpoint this is excellent news as it plays straight to our “no shortcuts” strategy of designing sustainable processes to create and feed fresh content to online assets.


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