The case for an European dog registry

This weekend was a busy one for me, but in a fruitful manner.

mr. Houdini ?

Those of my readers who follow my tweets may have catched my frustration as one of our dogs, a lovely (but not too smart) bassethound with a Houdini-like track record for escapism, left our garden on friday.

Of course, all of our dogs are duly recorded at the dog registry by means of sub-cutaneous chip whose main advantage over a tattoo is – allegedly – the fact that a dog registered in Italy can be traced in France and vice versa.

So when the dog was found by the local Municipal Police and brought to the Animal Shelter, the volunteers queried the registry for the chip #348094100009929, but came up empty-handed because their query only searches the french registry !!


Not being THAT naive, they also checked (developed and run by Christophe) where I had published an ad, and contacted me to go pick my fugitive pet.

All of which in 48 hours and with no help or connection to the “official” system. With the difference that this low-budget crowdsourced system works while the official one doesn’t.

Not quite sure what the lesson is, except that maybe I should splurge the 200 quid needed for a good quality GPS collar !


4 thoughts on “The case for an European dog registry

  1. Just in case: a friend asks me why not an old-fashioned collar with a tag and the answer is that a regular tag can be (and it did, more than once) ripped off the collar. I hope to be getting soon a secure tag from Boomerang Tags if the combined actions of the USPS and la Poste Française play along

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