It does make no sense to me: all last week I worried about Italy about to go into a bankruptcy too large to be rescued, I saw our PM babbling on television clearly showing he has no clue about what’s going on or how to fix it and all of sudden the U.S. debt gets downgraded and Milan’s stock exchange moves from being the worst-performing to be the best performing.

Then an abrupt change of scenery and half of the United Kingdom is in flames, rioters are taking the streets and looting shops and businesses. Why? Where was all this violence hiding? were there any signs that could have suggested this goes far beyond the financial crisis we were dealing with, with oits abstruse terminology and arcane explanations made up of basis points and credit default swaps. When this turn from worrysome to utterly desperate?

London riots

I asked this question on Twitter and one person was kind enough to point me to this good post by a guy who grew up in South London and managed to break out. Is he right? I don’t know.

I remember the spring of ’68 in France, itself an echo of the student uprisings in Columbia and other US campuses, when kids took the streets and riots inflamed italian schools: they wanted to completely change the world and install the “proletaraiate dictatorship” which never happened (thank God!) but their effort changed our society forever and for good.

This does not seem to be the case now: maybe it’s the double dip, maybe it’s the realization that prosperity won’t be theirs, but I see desperation, give-up-everything desperation and maybe – just maybe – a rebellion against a society that is now run by elders who would not step down.

Fitting that in all this desperation clueless comments are cropping up about the need to clamp down on social netwrok usage – as if kids did not have other means to organize themselves; it makes me feel like I’m reading syrian governative propaganda.

Back in 1968 the rallying cry was “Never trust anyone over 30” (remeber Wild in the Streets?) and 43 years later the deadline (how appropriate) has been pushed up a decade or so.

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