Crap journalism

I said it many times: the web will not kill the publishing inudstry, but crap journalism will.

A good example yesterday on “Il Giornale”:

Da anni l’Ibm è diventata cinese: è di proprietà della Lenovo e non è stata una semplice acquisizione. Perché Ibm era la vecchia bandiera della supremazia tecnologica americana: ha resistito ai giapponesi negli anni Ottanta, ma non ai cinesi negli anni zero.

[Trad.] Since many years IBM has become chinese: it is owned by Lenovo and it was not just another acquisition. Because IBM was the old flag of the american technological supremacy: it resisted the japanese in the Eighties, but not the Chinese of the new millennium.

Mistaking the USD 1.75bn sale to Lenovo of the IBM Personal Computer Division for the whole USD 200bn company is the technological equivalent of the “Elephant and the blid men” parable. Some intern without supervision using Giuseppe De Bellis’ name, or… ? Whatever, he sure will not get correction from his extensive social graph (not !), nor from his readers: of the 37 comments to date, not one pointed to the enormous factual error, demonstrating once again that the online world is merely a mirror of the offline one: you do not become smarter by opening a Facebook account…


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