Whose Social Graph?

It seems I can only blog about items related to an old love of mine, the Digital Self. Today I spotted this article on C|Net which prompted me to download Mansour’s code.

More poignant, however is the discussion itself: how can it possibly be AGAINST Facebook’s terms to scrape MY OWN social graph? Yet it is, thanks to dubious legal coverage of the inherent intellectual property of said graph.

I can understand it is against Facebook’s INTERESTS but it seems their interest’ protection prevails over common sense: the expression of this information – which is obviously only mine – becomes the property of whoever manufactures the support over which it is expressed. To put things in perspective, I have imagined a few parallels:

  • because I use Outlook, my address book is the property of Microsoft
  • because they were written on parchment, Shakespeare’ or Leonardo da Vinci’s works are the property of the sheep herders
  • because it was written on one of their notebooks, Hemingway’ “For Whom The Bell Tolls” (*) is the property of Moleskine
  • because it was written on a Lettera 32, Cormac McCarthy’s “No Country for Old Men” is the property of Olivetti


(*) unsubstantiated popular rumor


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