The shape of a chasm

People talk about the Digital Divide as if it was something concrete when at most it is a feeling which is experienced mostly by the have-nots, i.e. those who do not have access to some element of modern infrastructure like, e.g. broadband.

GigaOM reports [“The web just keeps getting bigger (and faster!)”] about an excellent report by Akamai, due for release today, which measures the growth of the Internet in terms of IP addresses reachable by Akamai. Contrarily to what one could have expected, the ‘Net is getting bigger not only in “usual suspects” like China and South Korea, but also (albeit a little slower) where it is very big already, reflecting the fact that relatively developing countries’ growth is hamstrung by the speed of infrastructure deployment.

Sadly, my home country – only exception among the G8 – is not in the top ten list, and I can’t wait to have a look at final report to find out what the growth rate (if any) there was in the Bel Paese.

Which means that the divide between Italy and the rest of modern world is widening – the crack is becoming a chasm.

On a second thought, maybe I better off NOT check the complete report…


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