Antitrust 2.0

No tech giant ever likes being sued by the U.S. Government: IBM didn’t, Microsoft didn’t. It absorbs an inordinate amount of management attention, not to mention legal bills that can even someone sitting on a pile of cash measured in billions wince.

It is fair to say, however, that the U.S. Gov’t does not bring these charges easily. It, too has to pay big lawyers, and it rarely ends up with an across the board win, also because the last thing it wants is to bring a giant U.S. employer to its knees.

The case of Google might be different: for all the reasons Jonathan Krim explains so well here, a case may not be needed, as the mere threat of laying bare the equivalent of the Coke’s formula will make sure Page&Brin will do their best to avoid the risk, even at cost of significant concessions.


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