The internet dog

Everybody remembers this cartoon (Peter Steiner for The New Yorker), right?

Gawker brings us a new twist.

Amina Arraf, lesbian blogger from Syria was eventually exposed as being Tom MacMasters, a married american grad student. S/he got her fifteen minutes of fame by being published by Paula Brooks, editor of LezGetReal a lesbian news site.

It now turns out Paula Brooks is really Bill Graber, a retired Ohio military man and ex-construction worker who used his wife’s name to launch and run the site.

The funniest part of this funny story comes when you learn that “Amina” and “Paula”, feeling they should play out their lez personas, flirted with each other during their correspondence: the question therefore is:

Does flirting with a man (who’s pretending to be a woman) while pretending to be a lesbian make you gay?


2 thoughts on “The internet dog

  1. So a man pretending to be a lesbian, pretending to be flirting with another lesbian, who’s actually another man is NOT gay? well, I’m lost, here !

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