I wish I was a geek!

A true one, I mean, instead of just pretending I am.

Because I wish I was able to understand fully when someone I respect like Ted Dziuba make comments like this on what he seems to consider genetic defects of the cloud.

Of course, even a joke programmer like myself remembers the truism that software fails so much more frequently than hardware and therefore virtualization (which essentially emulates via software the existence and behavior of hardware) is prone to a higher failure rate than hardware.

The question however is perhaps whether – even accounting for this additional layer of complication and therefore at the lower availability rate (how much truth in the statement that SLAs are moot vs. historical uptime track records…) the better utilization of hardware deriving from virtualization does not make the whole system more efficient. I cannot answer this question, my equipment is not good enough even to express it in an appropriate way; I so wish someone of the caliber of Werner Vogels would, but chances are that, even if he did, I would not be able to understand his remarks as…

…to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, like any sufficiently advanced technology, it’s indistinguishable from magic.

’nuff said!


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