Apple changing?

When is the last time Apple pre-announced anything? When is the last time it did not use anticipation and buzz to fan the fires of speculation and ensure universal coverage of whatever iProduct it were to release?

I do not remember such time, but I am seeing one such occurrence now: according to this official Press Release, Steve Jobs will unveil on June 6th at the WWDC iOS5, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and iCloud services.

No hardware, granted (unless there is another “…one more thing” stunt) but I wonder what happened for Apple to change its ways so significantly. El Jobso mellowing? Sales too strong need to cut off one week ? (ha!)

I’m pissed: that takes away all the the fun of guessing!!


One thought on “Apple changing?

  1. Hmm – maybe it’s to make people like me who aren’t buying a new laptop because we’re waiting for Lion (let alone Sandy Bridge Airs) hold out just a little longer…. Crumbs from the Cupertino table. The actual release dates will no doubt stay shrouded in mystery!

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